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  1. Computations for Sustainability
    Salavatidezfouli, S., Nikishova, A., Torlo, D., Teruzzi, M., Rozza, G. (2024). Computations for Sustainability. In: Fantoni, S., Casagli, N., Solidoro, C., Cobal, M. (eds) Quantitative Sustainability. Springer, Cham. PDF DOI BibTeX
  2. Weighted Reduced Order Methods for Uncertainty Quantification
    Davide Torlo, Maria Strazzullo, Francesco Ballarin, and Gianluigi Rozza. Weighted reduced order methods for uncertainty quantification. In Francesco Ballarin Gianluigi Rozza, Giovanni Stabile, editor, Advanced Reduced Order Methods and Applications in Computational Fluid Dynamics, chapter 12, pages 251-264. Society for Industrial & Applied Mathematics, U.S., 2022. PDF DOI BibTeX